This is just how you make a healthy chicken parlor!

Let's encounter it: even the healthiest sporting activities fanatics amongst us occasionally have a minute of weakness in which they truly, quite need a yummy pizza or a greasy bite from the snack bar around the bend. Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of, however an urge that you clearly do not want to admit!

Fortunately, from many recipes healthy and balanced versions could be made, which both please your cravings as well as conserve your body a little. In this blog we check out the healthier version of the widely known salon - additionally called poultry parlor.

What remains in a salon?
Who is rarely at the snack bar - or who has actually never tried to separate in between the different ingredients of a hairdressing beauty parlor between all sauce and greasiness - might not have remained in his head now just what this popular dish includes. The basis of a salon is created by a layer of fries and also a layer of shawarma.

That is after that supplemented with a large heap of cheese, a few daubs of garlic sauce as well as on top of a tiny salad with for instance cucumber and tomato. The entire commonly contains regarding 1600-1800 calories - there you can live about a day - and also, not surprisingly, a lot of undesirable fats and various other substances that you would rather not eat.

Kipsalon as a replacement for hair salon
That can be enhanced a whole lot, in other words. Let's start with the component where the poultry shop obtains its name: as opposed to shawarma, which generally contains a lot of fat and is seasoned with a lot of salt, we use chicken in this dish. This produces even more healthy protein each complete calorie, and by seasoning it yourself, you stop way too many insane taste boosters from winding up in it.

We additionally change the french fries in our poultry shop with fried potatoes - fans could additionally go there for sweet potatoes - and we make the garlic sauce of yoghurt and fresh garlic. That right away looks a lot far better!

Is hen parlor healthy?
The poultry parlor that we eventually make, although it still includes relatively a little fat - however a whole lot much less compared to the typical beauty parlor. These fats do not have to be a problem, if you make sure that they fit well right into the rest of your diet regimen. So simply check out the ratio of macronutrients and the quantity of calories that you get additionally; likelihood that this hen parlor suits completely.

Do you want to make him a little slimmer? After that you can, for instance, prefer to leave the cheese (largely) and also add even more salad. redirected here You additionally have the flexibility to go for full Greek yogurt, or for the fat-free variation. Do specifically what you like!

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